Need Florida Foreclosure Help? See Resources Below.

Office of the Attorney General

The Florida Attorney General’s website has helpful infor for homeowners, the HOPE NOW Alliance toll-free phone number, and links to HUD resources.

Click here to view the Florida Attorney General’s foreclosure prevention resources.


Florida State Courts

In the first link you’ll find surveys for homeowners and mortgage holders.  Learn about the Florida Mediation Program on the other link.

Click here to view the Florida State Courts’ foreclosure prevention resources.

Click here to view Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit’s foreclosure prevention resources.


Florida Housing Finance Corporation

See links to the Making Home Affordable program, housing counseling agencies, the HOPE NOW Alliance as well as a listing of foreclosure prevention workshops in the area.

Click here to view the Florida Housing Finance Corporation’s foreclosure prevention resources.


H.O.P.E. Task Force

The gubernatorial H.O.P.E. Task Force’s website includes findings on the foreclosure crisis across the state of FL.

Click here to view the H.O.P.E. Task Force’s foreclosure prevention resources.


Florida Office of Financial Regulation

On this site you’ll see informational resources on foreclosure rescue scams, tax issues, and federal government foreclosure prevention programs, as well as contact information for counseling and legal services.

Click here to view the Florida Office of Financial Regulation’s foreclosure prevention resources.


Audit of the Department of Justice’s Efforts to Address Mortgage Fraud

Click here to download


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